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Techlicity is a boutique web design & development firm focused on creating a positive user experience for your customers.

Our family is fresh – we are a creative and agile group with the key to help you realize your full potential online.
Subhas Fagu
User Experience Specialist

With years of experience in customer relations, Subhas takes your customer to heart. He is a talented user-oriented designer, turning projects into trendy, efficient and brand focused experiences for consumers. Subhas is your detective, analyzing user behaviour and emotion to turn your users into consumers.

Celeste Cole
Creative Manager

Years of experience in customer relations and marketing strategy has allowed Celeste to excel in planning out creative visuals as well as managing creative's in doing what they do best while meeting your business needs. With experience with various clients such as ILCO, XtremeLabs, PepsiCo, and many more, Celeste brings an unmatched level of enthusiasm that will help drive a creative project forward while ensuring no logistics are overlooked.

Shanik Tanna

Shanik has an innovative eye when it comes to connecting businesses with their consumers through the use of videos that will showcase you and your products. For the last 5 years he has put together videos for various clients such as PepsiCo, Bloke and 4th, RBC Wealth Management group, and many more. He enjoys collaborating with businesses and individuals that look to create visually exciting material that assists in reaching all business goals.

Think. Design. Captivate.




Techlicity is a specialty solution provider; we will not only listen to your needs but also take your wish list to heart. We create custom turnkey solutions for your business needs.

The Ultimate
Web App

Need a custom tailored
solution for your cool idea?
  • Research & Strategy building
  • Lean User-Experience Design
  • Agile Development
  • Zenware Ready

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The Virtual Storefront

Thinking of selling online?

It may be easier and faster than you think!
Imagine being open 24/7 - you’ll need a beautiful customized ‘store’ to ​complement your products and services.
With your security in mind, we make it our priority to ensure your online safety. Techlicity will turn your visitor traffic into direct customers.

  • Online Merchant Consulting
  • Lean User-Experience Design
  • OpenCart Setup and Customization

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Project Partner

Are you a creative agency looking for help with digital services?

Focus on the creative and let us get the grunt work done, below is a list of services we're able to help you with

  • Lean User-Experience Design
  • Agile Development
  • Content Management System
    • Implementation and Management
    • MODX and Wordpress
  • OpenCart Setup and Customization
  • Social Media Consulting and Management
  • ​Google AdWords Consulting and Management
  • ​Email Marketing Consulting and Management
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Translation Services

We also offer translation services for French, Spanish & Portuguese
English is not everyone's first language. Appeal to your customers in their native tongue, where they are most comfortable. Google translate is not the answer either. Machine translation lacks the human essence, it does not pay attention to cultural nuances which may result in a robotic tone. Our translators work to maintain the specific style and sentiment of your content.
Keeping it Simple

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Your customers now access your content through an array of devices with various screen sizes.
By using responsive designs we can ensure a positive user experience regardless.
Try accessing our website on various devices or resizing this window to see it in action.


Join our team
We are a small web development team based out of Toronto
actively seeking creative coders, UX designers and sale reps.
Send your resume to [email protected]
Current Internship Opportunities
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