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AMANDA – Government Automation Platform


Lead the standard of the next generation off-the-shelf government automation software.


Being in business for over 25 years and serving over 350 government agencies around the world can sometimes make you too laser focused on keeping clients happy with customizations — They needed a refresh.

II. Realisation

While current clients were more than satisfied, CSDC started noticing new players in their industry showboating a modern look. These players however lacked the experience, expertise and overall understanding of the industry’s needs. CSDC is in a unique situation that we all wish we had — everything but a shiny toy.

II. How

We reviewed at length everything we could get our hands on regarding their customer experience — and we must say, we were impressed! A lot of the answers to some of their UX problems were already identified by their staff members, all that was needed was an outlet and designs to facilitate.
With the help of their existing communication ethics and some proposed communication tools we were able to iterate through wireframes and storyboards very quickly towards high fidelity designs and implementation.

III. Solution

We went through our Techlicity Lean UX Process to research, identify, build and support the front-end of their flagship product, AMANDA.

IV. Follow Up
What started out as a pilot project became a quick driver in their recent growth success.
CSDC Systems was recently able to raise $30 million towards growth and product expansion among a few others.
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