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Proland Landscape Construction Inc

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    Proland Landcape Construction Inc

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    Web Design & Development

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Proland Landscape Construction Inc needed a new website for their 25th anniversary and we couldn’t be happier to be involved.

The idea was to bring a highlight to their best work over the last 25 years. To detail as much as possible the experience was not only before & after shots, but also to include line drawings all the way up to 3D rendered photos. This was to illustrate to future clients the process and detail that one can expect when dealing with Proland.
While most websites within the industry focus on strictly photos or generic text, we were able to bring a balance of both to satisfy the photo hungry clients as well as those that crave details.

Overall it was a pleasurable experience working with a design team from a completely different industry where similarities and attention to detail shines through very quickly.